Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Quickly Do Kids Outgrow Their Clothing?

Parents are well aware of how quickly kids outgrow their clothing. Sometimes, as a parent, it seems that you spend the majority of your time replacing those outgrown pieces of apparel. It is a never ending battle it seems. But if you're lucky, by the time that they've reached their eighteenth year they will do you the gracious favor of stopping growing. So keeping in mind that you may get a reprieve from the constant job of replacing outgrown clothing by the time they're eighteen; but what do you do in the meantime?

Well, first it helps to know why this issue deserves consideration. Most parents are aware in some abstract way that they seem to spend a vast amount of their budget on clothing; but how much they may not be aware of or just don't want to find out the answer to. Well, some studies, like one done by TLC, have pin pointed an approximation of just how much the average household spends upon their yearly clothing budget. It's amazing to see that they put forth that for most families it can be as much as three point eight percent of their income or more. That's an incredible amount for the average family on a budget.

What can possibly make a families clothing budget so huge? Well, a study done by Parenting may help parents to understand. According to their study kids are a constantly evolving age group of the human species; with sometimes small growth spurts and sometimes fantastically fast growth spurts. This may translate into kids that show differences in size and body shape from month to month or... week to week. That's an incredible change which translates into the need to alter or replace those clothes to accommodate that change. Hence, the reason for the ever burgeoning clothing budget that most families find themselves strapped with.

So what can parents of those children under the age of eighteen do to compete with that potential skyrocketing clothing budget that they may be faced with for their child? There are strategies out there available for them to utilize to keep those ever-growing children clothed. These strategies can take some of the sting out of replacing their child's clothing once a month or even within weeks of purchase.

Knowing as you do now, how quickly your child can grow, and the budget pitfall potential it may cause in keeping them clothed try purchasing gently used clothing instead. In most cases purchasing gently used clothing can save big bucks. The average price difference between a clothing item that is new and one that is gently used can be an almost fifty percent saving. Whose budget can't live with a fifty percent saving? It's a very economical move to make.

Remember, you have until your child is possible eighteen that you will be faced with constantly replacing those items of clothing until they finally stop growing. So knowing the long battle you have ahead of you take the time to learn what other parents have already figured out, purchasing gently used clothing is the way to go. Not only will you save on your budget, but you'll stop dreading that next growing spurt.

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