Sunday, March 24, 2013

How To Save Your Family From Disaster

The USA is prone to many natural and economic disasters at this time. Your life, your family, business and property are all under an unpredictable threat that may strike without any considerable warning. In such a situation, are you prepared enough? Read on this guide to save yourself from any disaster, natural or financial.

• Financial Disasters - The economy is facing a great recession which has led to many people losing jobs and millions of others looking for one. According to studies, there are as many as 67 million Americans who are currently looking for employment. Clearly, no employment would mean any money and you would not be able to feed your children. What do you do in such a situation? Simply plan in advance. Save as much as you can. This is not a time to buy the latest gadgets but to save some money for our future. If the economy collapses tomorrow and people are running mad on the streets in search of food and money, you can at least be content with some cash.

• Natural Disasters - Always have a basement built in your house where you can in case there is a tornado. These basements will protect your family if there occurs any natural disaster. Make sure that this basement gets adequate air and has a good exit system as well. Not only this, this basement must also have a good supply of food and water. You would need them when such a tragedy occurs.

• Floods or Hurricanes - Evacuate as soon as possible and move to a secure place. This is not a time to hold on to belongings. Switch off the main power switch of your house. Electricity can be disastrous when it touches water. In case it is a hurricane, go to the basement again and make sure that no amount of water can flood your basement. In that case, you are moving towards greater danger. Don't come out for as long as possible and also keep a first aid kit ready with you. Food and water supplies are also essential. Don't forget a few blankets to help you keep warm during this time.

The best advice to stay prepared in case of any unforeseen crisis is to save as much as possible. You can save water, food or money. These things must come handy to keep you alive for as long as possible. There is no need to live above your means. It anyways provides a wrong measure to the economy and it enters a vicious cycle or debt, consolidation, payment and further debt. Be prepared and be aware.

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