Sunday, March 31, 2013

Top Brands Of Teen Clothing

All remember the teenage years and the yen to keep up with the fashion police of the peers around them. Making the right decision on what clothing to buy, or wear, as a teen, can seem like a life or death decision to some. All parents want to help their kids in this trying and emotional phase of their growth, by supplying them with those brand names of clothing that their peers wear. But how do parents know what the top brands of teen clothing are?

Answering this particular question can be tricky for a parent trying to get the answer right. Top fashion brands for teens come and go so quickly. But it is also a fact that the top brands of clothing are going to change dependent upon where in the world you are located too. What is popular to one kid in Vermont is not necessarily going to hold true for a kid in Florida. So the best bet for a parent trying to get it right when buying teen clothing is to do your research, ask.

There are, however, a few main brands that can cross many state and country lines as being top contenders for the top popular brands award. Some of these are:

• American Eagle
• Aeropostle
• Abercrombie & Fitch
• Hollister

These brands are a sure win for coming up in the list of all teens polled in differing orders of preference. Does that mean that they are the most popular brands in your particular area? No. But, what it does mean is that if you poll the teenagers of your area for their own personal top ten list of brand clothing that it's a sure thing that at least one, maybe more and in some cases all of these brands will make the cut.

Now you as a parent have a little more of the "inside scoop" on what your teens want; which will make it easier to make that ah-ha purchase for them. But does that mean that you are set for all your teenagers' apparel buying needs as long as you purchase from the offerings of these four brand names? Oh, yea naïve teenage parent. No. These brands may only get you through the successful purchase of a few pants, jeans and tops.

If that teen of yours asks for intimate apparel, for the female of the teen species, or foot apparel, you're in a whole different realm of top brand apparel. That's not even mentioning the male teen species and their particular brand needs. Although, polls do say that the male of the teen species may be a little easier to please in the area of which brand of clothing fits the current fashion trends.

But taking the time to apply the lessons that you've learned here in learning what brands the male of the species prefers will go a long way into making the foray into buying for them just as successful. Just take the time to be teen fashion-brand vigilant and ask around. The old adage really does apply here, you can't learn if you don't ask


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