Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Five Ways to Protect Yourself When Necessary

Have you ever thought about how you might defend yourself or your family against a predator? I know it's scary to think this could happen to you. Something no one wants to think about. We go through life in hopes that this never happens to us. But, if you found yourself or your family in a position where you have to defend yourself are you prepared? Sadly enough, women are raped every day and people are mugged every day and night.

These things are unfortunate but they do happen. College kids find themselves in these types of predicaments all the time. It's up to you to protect your family and yourself from a predator to assure every ones safety. Our Law Enforcement can only do so much for us and can't be there while a crime is in progress. There for, we all need to learn how to defend ourselves if needed. There are several defense products out there to help you or a family member to defend yourself if ever needed. I will list 5 ways you and your family can live a safer life in the future.

    For those parents that take your kids to the park or shopping to let them burn off some energy and worry about them coming up missing or getting lost, there is a solution for that. There is a child safety alarm to warn you when your child has wandered off too far. This is a good device to have so if you get busy and take your eyes off them you will know when the child has left your side or safety perimeter.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spring Break Family Activities

"It will all come to pass", my friend told me as I talked to her about my problem. That phrase has been my consolation whenever I encounter problems in life. Time goes by very quickly and all problems and good memories will pass by. Let problems fade away but make sure you make the most of every opportunity to rekindle good memories. This Spring Break, reconnect with your family and make memories that you will cherish forever.

When my kids were young, we always create family activities during Spring Break. Here are 7 of our most loved Spring Break family activities:

1. Camping. Kids are very inquisitive. They love the outdoors and enjoy exploring. Use this opportunity because childhood will not last forever. Soon your children will grow old and they will find this activity boring. So while they are in this stage of enjoying time with you outdoors, let them appreciate and explore the outdoors without distractions. Take them out on a camping trip free from television, video games and cell phones.

2. Rediscover your area. Sometimes because of our busy schedules we fail to notice the beauty and history of our own city/town. Use this Spring Break to rediscover your area and appreciate the beauty, history and possibly the great events that are taking place right in front of your home. This saves you not just the time and pressure of packing your family for a long travel but it saves you money.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Children My Own

As a mother of four and a grandmother of one, my heart aches for the parents of the two young men involved in the bombing in Boston on Monday. How do you reconcile this sort of horrendous action with the children you bore, loved and raised? It must be a surreal experience for them... almost like a bad dream they just can't wake up from no matter how hard they try. And now, besides having to deal with the violence perpetrated on the community by the two sons they thought they knew, these parents have had to bear the shooting death of one of the sons. While all this would be bad enough, they now have to watch and wait while the remaining son is part of an aggressive manhunt by law enforcement. How does a parent get through this shock and sadness? How do you look at the pictures you took of your boys on their first day of school so many years ago and not blame yourself for the men they became? I don't think it's possible to not feel guilt and regret... "perhaps if we had just been home more"... or... "maybe we were too indulgent"... or even... "maybe we shouldn't have let them have those video games."

There will be some blame pointed at the parents... "what kind of people are they that their boys did such violence without regard for human life?" Assigning blame makes it easier for us to make sense of a senseless situation. That's what we humans do when faced with such terror... we take our anger and frustration and categorize it under the right topic and assign it to a file labeled " Who's to Blame." Doing this makes us feel better, it gives us a direction in which to shove the anger and frustration when it comes spilling out of us like water over a too-full bathtub. We may try to stop the flow or even mop up the mess, but it becomes a futile task as we grow weary of the helplessness that's really at the root of our inability to understand why anyone would kill.