Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spring Break Family Activities

"It will all come to pass", my friend told me as I talked to her about my problem. That phrase has been my consolation whenever I encounter problems in life. Time goes by very quickly and all problems and good memories will pass by. Let problems fade away but make sure you make the most of every opportunity to rekindle good memories. This Spring Break, reconnect with your family and make memories that you will cherish forever.

When my kids were young, we always create family activities during Spring Break. Here are 7 of our most loved Spring Break family activities:

1. Camping. Kids are very inquisitive. They love the outdoors and enjoy exploring. Use this opportunity because childhood will not last forever. Soon your children will grow old and they will find this activity boring. So while they are in this stage of enjoying time with you outdoors, let them appreciate and explore the outdoors without distractions. Take them out on a camping trip free from television, video games and cell phones.

2. Rediscover your area. Sometimes because of our busy schedules we fail to notice the beauty and history of our own city/town. Use this Spring Break to rediscover your area and appreciate the beauty, history and possibly the great events that are taking place right in front of your home. This saves you not just the time and pressure of packing your family for a long travel but it saves you money.3. Go hiking. Take your kids for a scavenger hunt for rocks, leaves and other discarded objects and turn your find into an art project. Teach them how to turn trash into something valuable.

4. Gardening. This activity will enhance your children's knowledge in biology and the rewards of work and patience. See their excitement as they watch a seed slowly uproot then blossom into a flower. Watch their enthusiasm as they wait to harvest vegetables and fruits from your garden. Planting the seeds and caring for the plants will teach your children the value of hard work and patience.

5. Play family video games. You are now transversing into your kids' world. Challenge or be challenged by your kids' adeptness in video games.

6. Visit relatives. Spring Break is the time to catch up with your relatives. Your kids will enjoy family time with their cousins and grandparents reminiscing the past and sharing their dreams.

7. Join community projects. Look for ways to give back to your community. Volunteer in projects organized by YMCA, Habitat for Humanity and other similar organizations. You can visit elderly homes and hospitals. This activity will help you teach your children to count their blessings. This activity will also allow them to experience the joy of helping and making a difference in society.

All things will come to pass but don't let this Spring Break come to pass without teaching your children the value of life which they will cherish forever.

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